About Us

Lillesand Design AS is a family ran business based in the small, picturesque village of Lillesand in southern Norway. We are both designers and sculptors with training and experience from England. Every product listed in our webshop, is developed by us, from beginning till end, in Lillesand Norway.

100% Norwegian

You don’t find many products which have been both designed and produced in Norway any longer. That’s why Lillesand Design is totally unique in that regard. We have developed an exciting, creative and flexible company, with an extraordinary ability to design and produce beautiful products which will suit any house, both contemporary and traditional.

The production

To make a new product, we start off by drawing it on paper. From that, we sculpt the product in a waxlike material. Then we make the mould and mould holder. The material we use, which is called coldcast ceramic, is then poured into the mould. After setting, the product is dried in an oven, and finally handpainted to the customers’ wishes. An exclusive, handmade and high quality product has been created! 

We create a variety of work, including angel ornamentslamps and figurines, as well as our fantastic range of couple figurines, making these perfect for wedding gifts.

Environmentally friendly

Lillesand Design AS is an environmentally friendly company, firstly because we only use waterbased raw materials and paints. Secondly, because we produce all our products under the one and same roof. In contrast to import companies, we hardly use any resources on transportation. We also use very little energy in our production process.

We have previously done special design work for: ConocoPhillips, Mobil, Statoil, Elf Petroleum Norge, Norsk Oljemuseum, Norway Foods, Nasjonalforeningen for Norsk Folkehelse, Boen Parkett, Holmenkollen, Høgskolen i Bergen, Norway Crafts, Kverneland, Sollux, First Hotel Marin, Nato, Walt Disney in Florida, Ugland Industrier, Lillesand Kommune, Kristiansand Dyrepark (the specially designed inauguration plaque was given to all 4 members of the Norwegian royal family in 1991)

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